My name is Rui Batista but everyone knows me as Rui Mac. I'm a portuguese designer, graduated in Graphic Design and
I was born on september 21st, 1971.

I have been doing 3D work since I was 16 years old. Back them there were no 3D applications or powerful (affordable) personal computers. So, I started out in 3D by doing graphic programming on a ZX Spectrum 48k.

As soon as I could, I started using 3D applications (Swivel 3D, Ray Dream Designer, Strata Studio Pro).
I used 3D not only for personal enjoyment but also for professional work, when I got employed.

When I found Cinema4D (back in version 5.4, as a demo in 3D World magazine) my life changed. Never such a powerful application was so easy to use and master.
And, finaly, I could go back to my programming begginings, through COFFEE.

I'm currently a betatester for Maxon and I continue to do whatever I can to help out the Cinema4D community.
I frequent forums, create help files, write plug-ins, and I'm currently writing a book (for a loooong time, now).

My purpose in life is to create my own agency where I will be able to create animation and visual effects for movies and television. Not an easy task, in Portugal.
But I have faith and determination!